Klaviyo Email Marketing Foundations Set Up - Premium Money Maker

Klaviyo — growing more Shopify stores than any other marketing platform.

With Klaviyo and Shopify, you can start sending more personal, better targeted communications in a matter of seconds. Klaviyo will seamlessly collect and store all relevant data about your customers so you can use it to deliver memorable experiences, drive more sales, and create stronger relationships.

Truly personalized automations
Trigger Flows based on dates, events, list membership, or segment membership and use splits, filters, A/B tests and more to target and optimize.

Richer segmentation
Define segments without limitations. Use any combination of events, profile properties, location, predicted values, and more — over any time range.

Cutting-edge data science
Automatically-generated predictions for lifetime value, churn risk, gender, optimal send time, and out of the box personalized product recommendations.

Full lifecycle engagement
Deliver targeted, branded forms to build your marketing list. Then, engage customers through multiple channels and use predictions to anticipate churn or target high-value customers.

This is the ultimate premium set up to lay the foundations for growing sales via email marketing. Whether you are new to email marketing OR unsure what you are doing with existing set ups, you need to get the right set up and the foundations in place to succeed. 

This Service Includes:

  • Setting up Klaviyo and integrating with Shopify
  • Creating and connecting a Klaviyo account if you do not already have one.
  • Branded drag and drop template to use with all your campaigns.
  • Opt in Strategy 
  • All automated flows will be designed and optimized for your particular customer base.
  • Customized subject lines and copy are included.
  • Responsive Popup for both desktop and mobile
  • Not yet customer Newsletter sign up incentives
  • Back in Stock function
  • Audience Segmentation

Set and forget 3-Part Welcome Series

  • When someone signs up to your popup, they automatically enter a Welcome Series. This is a sequence of 3 emails over 5 days. 
  • Copy will be personalized for your audience. Other content blocks may include dynamic coupon code, testimonials, link bars, product blocks, and a call to action button.

Set and forget 3-Part Abandoned Cart Series

  • A set and forget 3-part email series to present a simple reminder to complete their checkout
  • Optimized email sequence to suit your customer’s shopping habits. Can include discount code in the second email

Set and forget Browse Abandonment Email

  • These are customers who viewed a product but didn't necessarily add to their cart. These customers aren't necessarily interested in purchasing, so we treat this as a lighter touch point compared to your abandoned cart flow.
  • We use this email to demonstrate the value and features of the products they were viewing, and suggest similar or best-selling products.

Set and forget Thank You and Post Purchase Series

  • A set and forget 5-part series includes a split condition so that first time buyers receive 3 emails. The first email thanks them for their order, the second email (timing customised to your business for when a second order is expected) includes a discount code, and the third email is a reminder to use the discount code. Second time buyers receive a 2 emails - a personalized thank you and a follow-up email with a call to action.

We will create all design templates for your emails. Containing images and copy from your website and social media or provided by the client. These can be reused as templates on other campaigns


1. Service includes 2 design templates to choose from with up to 2 revisions

2. Split testing for 1 only:  Subject line / Audience / timing. Any additional testing (design-heavy vs text copy, discounts & promos etc) will be at additional cost.


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