Rebuild - Free Basic Theme

Shopify Store Rebuild - From start to launch store/Go Live

Includes all the following build, redesign, coding, upload, install and set up:

  • Complete rebuild of the store in the chosen free theme ensuring a professional User Experience with best eComm Practices implemented 
  • Utilise the full functionality and capability from the theme - and set up of all features that are included in the theme
  • Brand and product enhancing design and layout as discussed and noted in client brief/discussions
  • Build a brand vibe into the site – Using brand colours and fonts – assistance with branding colours if required
  • Mobile Responsive design and optimisation
  • Multi Image Gallery/Slideshow - Homepage
  • Brand Blurb - Home Page
  • Social Media Links set up inc Shopping channels and Instagram Live feed
  • Build and optimise the site navigation to be more customer friendly (Mobile Optimisation)
  • Build the Header and Footer design in line with the branding design
  • Building top and bottom menu to have better flow – Including announcement bar rebuild with live links
  • Build and design Content pages - About us, FAQ, Policies etc (Content provided by client if required) 
  • Designing the products layout on the home page to showcase the brand and the services
  • Create a CALL TO ACTION Home page newsletter sign up “first order discount” offer coded in. HIGHLY RECOMMEND to encourage sales - even a 10% off 
  • Set up the sign up pop up – newsletter and discount  - Optimised for UX
  • Adding CALL TO ACTION, SHOP NOW tabs and links all over the homepage to increase conversions
  • Giving the home page a real life feel, tell a story and give a trusted feel to shoppers that encourages more add to carts and more conversions by offering incentives to buy – First time purchase discounts etc.
  • Building the layout of the display on product pages for optimal UX
  • Overall finalisation assessment prior to publishing the new theme live


  • This site would be completed to the stage of READY TO GO LIVE.
  • At the Final adjustments and changes stage  -A maximum of 10 minor changes are included - Major reconstruction of the website at this late stage will be subject to additional charges.
  • Existing Product editing is not included and will be additional

Compare with a store build on a Paid Premium Shopify theme

Free or paid Premium themes? 

We get asked by every new client we onboard when building or looming to step up their store. This BLOG sums up the exact conversation I have with all clients.  And some great notes on why to avoid 3rd party cheap themes from theme forest and the likes. Great read! If you need advise feel free to get in touch!

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