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Content Repurposing

Turn your emails into Social Media Posts! 

Make a bigger impact and reach more people, without the extra work.  

Why Repurpose Your Content?
  1. Better content distribution
  2. Increased ROI
  3. Greater content accessibility
  4. Balanced resource distribution
  5. Improved online presence

Repurposing content can be a big time saver for business owners. It’s a super hack with benefits for SEO, reach, and much more.

Service Includes:

  • We take your existing email campaigns/newsletters or promotions and create look alike social media posts for you to repurpose  
  • Existing Email + Assets to be provided by client -
  • Max of 5 slide per post
  • Small design tweaks maybe included - however NO major redesign included - this will be at additional design time cost
  • Files can be provided in any format as requested for different social media platforms.