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Shopify Bootcamp

4 or 8 weeks - 1 hour per week/fortnightly 1:1 INTENSIVE Sessions

We are so excited to announce our new Shopify Bootcamp after a huge push for mentoring to be offered as a service. And we love 1:1 with clients so it's a no brainer!

We will cover EVERYTHING and ANYTHING relevant and tailored to your business, where you are with things and where you need to be. Solid analysis of the whole shebang and actionable tips and tricks with a strong focus on supported accountability so you GET IT DONE!

We do not have a set program, as there is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL here. We offer a personalised and big deep dive into your biz and your needs! 

So you get what you need and want from this and nothing you don't! 

Our knowledge and network has grown so much in the past 6 years we are overflowing with information and skills to help you grow and are so excited to offer this tailored mentoring to you all!