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Shopify Notification Email Template Customisation.

ALL Shopify Email Notifications are customised and Personalised with your branding colours, logo and vibe via the Spently app on their free plan. 

Spently is purpose built for Shopify and works with your most opened emails, your store notifications or transactional emails including Order Confirmation, Shipping updates, Abandoned Checkout (there are 29!). These emails are automatically sent by Shopify and have the highest open rates of any email you will ever send a shopper (60-90% unique open rate!). With Spently you can ensure that your order confirmation, shipping confirmation, shipping update, account welcome, and the 24 others are on brand and matching your site for a continuous shopping experience.

Include marketing within these emails to encourage a repeat purchase. Spently allows you to include personalized discount codes and recommended products to get shoppers back to your store. Include commonly asked questions to reduce support debt or specific product information to streamline customer service. Not everyone opts in or signs up to receive email marketing, not to mention staying subscribed, but with Spently you can ensure that the emails you know they will open and have to be sent are geared to give your customers the best experience.

Finally, with Spently you can back all of this up with analytics and measure your most opened emails efficacy. Currently this is a blind spot within Shopify and with Spently you receive actionable insights to further drive your business forwards.