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House of Cart - Shopify Build Pricing

We Offer 4 Shopify Store Build Packages

All packages include everything you need to get online and open for business on Shopify! Our purchase process means you can build your own package to suit your business needs and budget.  

Prices are based on the product QTY - Select your product qty below - (Note: This is the qty entered by HOC - Unlimited available on Shopify)

 If you decide you’d like to go with a PAID PREMIUM THEME the cost of the theme purchase can cost between $160-450USD plus fees. Paid Premium themes offer a wider range of functions and greater functionality not available on a free theme.

Choose the Website Build that suits your need 👇

Build a new Store

New Build - Free Theme



New Build - Premium Theme



Rebuild an Existing Store

Rebuild - Free Theme



Rebuild - Premium Theme



Next Step - What Else Can We Setup & Install?

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On the next step you can see other customization service that you might need.


  • The site will be completed to the stage of READY TO GO LIVE.
  • The Store will be built within the chosen themes standard capabilities and does not include any additional customisation or coding - this will be quoted as extra.
  • For Premium Themes: Please note this does NOT include the theme purchase itself . The theme cost will be charged directly to you at the time of purchase once theme selection is made.
  • At the Final adjustment and changes stage: A maximum of 10 minor changes are included - Major reconstruction of the website at this late stage will be subject to additional charges.
  • For Rebuilds:Apps - Please note this does not include reinstallation and/or coding of your currently installed apps - this can be done via the app support themselves OR we can quote additionally to do this for you.
  • For Rebuilds:Existing Product/collection back end editing is not included and will be additional

Free or paid Premium themes?

We get asked by every new client we onboard when building or looking to step up their store.

This BLOG sums up the exact conversation I have with all clients.

And some great notes on why to avoid 3rd party cheap themes from theme forest and the likes. Great read! If you need advice feel free to get in touch!

See how your new store could look! VIEW PORTFOLIO.

All packages include everything you need to get online and open for business on Shopify!

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