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Managed Klaviyo Email Campaigns/Newsletters

We manage your weekly/Fortnightly or regular emails to engage your customers and grow your business with personalized email marketing campaigns.

Keeping your customers up-to-date on your brand doesn’t mean batching and blasting emails to everyone. Make more money and see better engagement by sending targeted campaign emails like newsletters, sale announcements, or promotions

Create strong relationships and make more money with highly targeted email marketing campaigns.

Building customer relationships means consistent, relevant communication with your customers about what’s new and important to them.

We will manage the creation and sending of weekly email campaigns in your Klaviyo account.


  • Client and Brand assessment

  • Regular email campaigns

  • Resending each regular email to an optimized segment

  • Includes subject and preview line

  • Includes copy in a tone to suit your brand

  • Includes image (from your website or social feed)

  • A special offer may be included. Offer to be discussed eg gift with purchase, BOGO, sale price with discount code)

  • Call to action

  • Results are tracked and reported to you every 4 weeks or weekly if required

We will create a template for your emails including subject line, images, optimised copy, button, discount code for offer (generated from Klaviyo), and segment conditions. Full Design Assets + Copy + Implementation option includes: 2 overall design templates to choose from with up to 2 revision. Package includes optimised designed emails for each campaign using the chosen template.


Shopify & Klaviyo Fempreneurs is a global community of females entrepreneurs running an existing Shopify store, looking to start a eCommerce business or working within the Shopify ecosystem.

Maximise your entrepreneurial, eCommerce potential by asking questions, seeking answers, sharing your journey, offering knowledge and assisting with learning around the Shopify platform and the entire eCommerce process

Collaborate, work together and share with others!

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