The Email Marketing Cheat Sheet

Proven email marketing strategies to grow your list, captivate your audience, and expand your business


We have compiled 5 extremely actionable email marketing tips you can implement right now that will help you leverage your time and energy and get big results with little effort.

They're super simple but these small changes can have a great impact if you do them correctly.

Let's dive in.


There's no one-size-fits-all here but something we can say is, more often than not, people's first reaction to a pop-up that appears right after the page loads is to close it.

A sign-up form should only be triggered when a visitor has sufficiently understood the website and when it's less disturbing.

Before you do any changes, though, A/B test it. There are some audiences that DO tend to opt in more if the pop-up shows right away.

They make a HUGE difference, especially if you do decide to keep a more aggressive timing and people impulsively close the form.

Create a 20% OFF Coupon (good for 48 hours) for new customers immediately after purchasing.

We call this the "stealth" upsell because all you need to do is add a "thank you" email to your post-purchase series letting them know you've got a special gift to show your gratitude: a 20% discount on complementary items from what they've initially purchased.

Make the coupon code expire in 24-48 hours so you have some urgency.

Leveraging on the previous tip, improve the user experience even more by telling them EXACTLY when their code will expire so that they don't need to do the math on their own and help them understand when they need to act.

To display a future date relative to the day a message was sent, apply the days filter to the today variable like this:

If the message was sent on June 15, this would render as June 17. Here's how it would look like in the email:



Another way to communicate the urgency and use the power of deadlines in your promotions is by putting countdown timers in your emails!

There are several third-party countdown generators you can use for FREE such as CountdownMail and Sendtric. They're simple to use too! Just add the code snippet in your text block and you're done!



With Klaviyo, there are so many places that you can play around.

Did you know that you can customise your Unsubscribe page and monetize leads as they go out the door? Here's one way to do it:


You might only make 10-20 sales a month (depending on the size of your list) but these can really make a difference over time as they stack up. And these subscribers are going to be dead to you anyway, so why not make sale out of them for the last time?

Remember the marketing tip50% of Something Is Better Than 100% of Nothing.

There's so much we can do to improve your store's sales, retention and your customer's lifetime value. We know these tips help immensely but we'd love to create a strategy tailored to your account needs.


Interested in making a ton more money through email without all the effort?


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