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Rebuild Info & Pricing

Thanks for reaching out! We can absolutely assist with your Shopify store rebuild! 

We can highly recommend a revamp with our rebuild premium theme package. Especially now with the new Shopify 2.0 platform being transitioned - there are now new themes that are next level and absolutely amazing - filled with new features and functions designed to really amp up your UX and the customer journey - increasing conversions! 
We offer a start to go live rebuild service - you can see our package builder HERE for all that is included. NO store down time at all - we work away in the background and when we switch it's a matter of minutes once finalised and completed. 
You can view our portfolio of some of our favourite client builds HERE 

We then offer “add on solutions” like FB and Insta shopping channel install and set up, afterpay install, App setups, Training etc. This way you can build your own package to suit your business needs and budget. You will see these on pages 2

Next is our Graphic Design Services to visually stand out from the rest. Level up your brand and add some punch to your site and marketing assets for your Shopify store and Klaviyo email marketing. Our in-house Graphic Artist will share her industry knowledge and experience with your brand and provide design assets that are not only beautiful, but also recognizable and authentic to you, and more importantly, effectively drive online conversion. You will see these on page 3

We also offer a full range of Klaviyo Email marketing setup and management services  We HIGHLY recommend getting this set up and your email marketing humming along with your new store! You will see these on page 4

We also offer Monthly Shopify Support Plans so you can see what we provide in terms of ongoing support for our clients. 

We suggest the following:

Rebuild - Premium theme - just select the product qty.

Then select your add ons that you wish (to suit your needs and budget) Generally we recommend the following:

  • Instagram Feed
  • Free Shipping Bar - To Increase Conversions
  • Graphic Design Assets for your store and/or email marketing - at least Trust Icons and Hero Banner
  • Klaviyo Set up - at a minimum the Basic or Premium money maker if budget allow

Feel free to get back to me with any questions or if you’d like to go ahead once checking out our packages and pricing you can purchase on the above links and this will kick start your client onboarding and we can get you started as a client! 

Click HERE for a rundown of how we work and the process involved.

We’d love to work with you and help get your brand optimised to grow! We look forward to getting to know you and your brand!

Touch base if you need anything further! 

Anna + The House of Cart Team



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