How We Work

Let's walk through our eCommerce process

  • Initial eCommerce Shopify Website & Startup Solutions purchase from client
  • Client Info Pack is emailed to client
  • Scheduled 1 hour video/voice Business/Brand Assessment call
  • Submission of completed Client Info Packback to House of Cart
  • Dropbox File Sharing - (all digital content, images, logos etc)
  • Development Website mock up is created and provided to client to preview and test
  • Final adjustments and changes are applied
  • Functional Final Websitegoes live

eCommerce Shopify Website & Start up Solutions

We have several eCommerce Shopify Website & Startup solutions available to suit all businesses and all budgets. Simply search and select the options that best suit your needs before making a decision and purchase. If you need help or advice at any stage, please feel free to reach out and contact us. We are only too happy to work through things with you.

Client Info Pack

You will receive our Client Info Packvia email immediately after your purchase. The pack is critical in creating the whole picture of your brand and how you want your business represented online. This will include everything you need to get started, all in a simple & easy to follow format that streamlines the process. 

  • Process checklists
  • Business/store information forms
  • Content guides
  • Product spreadsheets
  • App Installation information
  • Payment gateway information
  • Dropbox set up for file sharing

1 hour video/voice Business/Brand Assessment call

All eCommerce Shopify Website & Startup solutions purchases come with a 1 hour video/voice Business/Brand Assessment call. This can be scheduled before or after your Client Info Pack submission, depending on your preference. This consultation allows us to get a real feel for your business and your products, understand your vision for your brand and how you want to be represented in the online world. It's a chance for you to ask all those questions you need answered about the whole eCommerce Shopify journey. Please note we are also always available after this initial call at any stage throughout the process to assist, answer questions and guide you along the way.

Dropbox File Sharing

We will send you a Dropbox File Sharing invitation via email, this will be our secure file-sharing solution with you throughout the process. You will be able to easily send us large logo/banner files, product images and other documents we will require. If you don't already have a Dropbox account we HIGHLY RECOMMEND signing up. In our opinion Dropbox is one of the most valuable business tools around, a total must have. 

Development Website mock up

Once the basic Development Website mock upis completed we will provide you with an initial overview of how the website looks, feels and functions. At this stage our first changes can be made before we progress to a fully functional website. 

Final adjustments and changes

A fully Functional Final Website will then be available for you to preview and test. We will provide you with a list of strike offs to go through on your site to ensure all final adjustments and changes are made correctly before we go live. Please note a maximum of 15 minor changes are allowed and any major reconstruction of the website at this late stage will be subject to extra charges. 

Functional Final Website goes live

With your brand new shiny store ready to go, we finish out with a sign off on the final stage. It's time to go live and you are open for business! It's really that simple and we will be right behind you ready to celebrate your launch!

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What our Clients are Saying!

63 reviews
House of Cart is a Shopify genius I

Take the stress out of creating your online store with Anna and her team of specialists. Don’t hesitate to outsource - you will be glad you took the step to grow your business. Thanks Anna!

Amazing result! Anna and team were fantastic

House of Cart redid my entire original start up website and we are thrilled with the results. Great communication, feedback with ideas and the whole process felt easy. Thank you!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

App Setup and Installation
Tina Newton-Carra
App Instalation

Hi I have been getting Anna to do a fair bit or work for me over the years. Firstly, a wed design, then a complete Retheme of site and just now install a chat function app onto the site.

Anna has always been professional dealings but I also feel like I am chatting to a friend which is my kind of business relationships. I am big on personal relationships with the people I work with because it's all about service for me. I can honestly say Anna has never let me down service wise and will definitely always want to work with her. I have even recommended her to other business.

Thanks for everything so far. Very much appreciated since I so new to this whole E-Commerce world. My background is hospitality hence why good service is so important to me

Once again thank you for all your help always.


Amazing service!

Dana was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Look forward to watching my abandoned can’t flow work it’s magic!

Additional Products
Service service service

Can't speak highly enough of the team at House of Cart. Excellent prompt service every time. Delighted to have our brand in such competent and conscientious hands. Thank you.