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Dive into our community-driven hub designed to support you in establishing, refining, launching, and strategically scaling your Shopify store to make more sales!

A NEW ERA OF Profit-Driven E-Commerce Success

Not your traditional e-commerce training.

This path is designed to instil you with the wisdom, proficiency, and strategies critical to becoming an e-commerce titan, whether you're kickstarting a new business or scaling an existing store to new heights.

While we won’t do the heavy lifting for you…

We provide exclusive direct access to expert knowledge and dynamic live weekly Q&A sessions. This ensures you receive the support necessary to navigate initial obstacles and smoothly enhance your digital footprint

Additionally, you'll join a collaborative community, exchanging insights, gaining support, and confronting challenges with ambitious peers on the same journey, fostering a comprehensive approach to not just overcoming hurdles but also significantly advancing your online venture.


True success in the online marketplace isn’t just about having the flashiest website or the most followers. As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you understand that.

Achieving greatness in the e-commerce sphere is a blend of dedication, hard work, and an unwavering drive to make your vision come alive. But it’s also about strategic actions, not scattered efforts. Knowing precisely where to focus your energies is key.

Imagine, instead of sifting through countless online tutorials or generic advice, you had a laser-focused roadmap tailored to your e-commerce goals.

The Merchant Matrix is that roadmap.

Enter The Merchant Matrix, and with us guiding your journey, you’ll be equipped with the foundational knowledge, cutting-edge strategies, and continuous support you need to transition from just another online store to a dominant e-commerce presence.

WE'll hand you the tools, strategies, and mentorship essential for Maximizing Your E-Commerce Revenue Potential

Invest in your success with our flexible plan: only $59 per week or choose a monthly rate of $200. Enjoy no lock-in contracts while securing a guiding hand for your journey. Gain instant access to my expertise, ensuring you always have a mentor by your side.


Foundational Store Setup

From ideation to launching your digital storefront, we guide you every step of the way.

Dive into the essentials that form the backbone of your Shopify store. From understanding the nitty-gritty of Shopify’s interface to managing your products, orders, and customer interactions, this pillar lays a rock-solid foundation.

Operational Excellence

Streamline your back-end processes, from order management to customer relationship building, ensuring smooth sailing as your business grows.

Ensure your store operates seamlessly with comprehensive insights on payment gateways, shipping strategies, and the crucial legal aspects. Because a store that functions flawlessly keeps customers coming back.

Storefront Structuring & Design Fundamentals

Craft a digital storefront that’s not just functional, but visually stunning and user-centric.

This pillar dives deep into the world of e-commerce design, ensuring your Shopify store is a seamless blend of aesthetics, user experience, and brand identity. From theme selection to layout optimization, ensure every pixel works towards converting visitors into loyal customers.

Digital Growth Mastery

Empower your Shopify store to reach new horizons, ensuring your store doesn’t just exist but excels.

This pillar focuses on strategies and tools to enhance your store’s growth trajectory. Delve deep into Klaviyo email marketing to forge stronger customer relationships, integrate the best Shopify apps to achieve seamless store functionality, and design a stellar user experience.



Very helpful, very knowledgable and very authentic in approach on all things Shopify and buisness. I am really looking forward to working with the Team further after this call. So glad I booked it. Thanks!


Thanks so much Anna for your direct and honest feedback. It was very easy to understand the changes you were suggesting and you gave me lots of easy quick wins to make on my website to maximise conversion opportunities. Thanks so much!


I had wanted to upgrade my website for a while, and I could have played around with it myself, but the 1st call with Anna showed me that she had so much knowledge about branding, marketing and the customer journey. I felt Anna took the time not only to discover what my brand was about, but also me personally as a business owner.


The Merchant Matrix offers the foundational elements required to establish a thriving, sustainable, and profitable e-commerce store. Our learning program offers specialist knowledge to ensure you excel in every facet of online entrepreneurship with a focus on launching, retaining traffic and optimising for conversions.

Shopify Basics

Setting Up a Store

Product Management

Order Management

Payment Gateways

Shipping & Fulfillment

Legal & Compliance

Customer Service & Support

Design & Build

Theme Selection

Layout Optimisation

Branding Integration

Mobile Responsiveness

Interactive Elements

User Experience (UX) Best Practices

User Interface (UI) Refinements

Custom Store Features

Feedback & Iteration

Expansion Stratagies

Pricing Strategies

SEO basics for Shopify

Digital Marketing & Social Media

Email Marketing

Conversion Optimisation

Advanced Analytics

Shopify Apps & Integrations

Sustainability & Ethics in E-Commerce

The Ultimate Roadmap for E-Commerce Mastery

The Merchant Matrix is anchored in actionable insights, ensuring you receive tailored assistance and guidance to truly get things in motion. We focus on hands-on learning, providing you with bespoke mentorship and consistent support to turn your visions into transactions.

Unlock support now for just $59 per week, or opt for even greater value at $200 per month. Both options come with the flexibility of no lock-in contracts. Imagine having my expert guidance readily accessible, offering tailored advice and insights just when you need them.


Comprehensive Expertise

Covering everything from the basics to advanced strategies ensures that members get a well-rounded education on Shopify store setup and management.

Actionable Insights

Rather than just theoretical knowledge, the program emphasises hands-on learning and actionable strategies, ensuring members can apply what they learn in real-time.

Tailored Assistance

Customised mentorship ensures that members aren’t just receiving generic advice. They’re getting guidance that’s relevant to their unique business needs and challenges.

Holistic Approach

With knowledge ranging from store design to marketing and customer retention, members aren’t just learning to set up a store; they’re learning to run and scale a successful e-commerce business.

Live Mentoring

Attend 2 weekly LIVE Q&A sessions run by Anna to receive personalised guidance and feedback tailored to your business. Draw inspiration from your peers, benefit from collective motivation and maintain a clear focus on your objectives.

Dedicated Community Access

Immerse yourself in our exclusive members only community. Participate in discussions, seek advice, and celebrate milestones and wins with fellow entrepreneurs on similar e-commerce journeys. This is also your chance to foster connections, collaborate with potential partners and amplify your brand visibility.



✅ You’re actively involved in an e-commerce endeavor or planning to launch one.

✅ Passionate about turning ideas into tangible results.

✅ Seeking actionable knowledge and skills.

✅ Eager to master the nuances of the digital storefront landscape.

✅ Always curious, always learning.

✅ Persistent in the face of challenges.

✅ Aiming for more than just average outcomes.

✅ Ready to adopt fresh strategies and perspectives.

✅ Open to collaboration and learning from a community.

✅ Willing to invest in continuous growth and learning.

✅ Your goal is to drive more sales and make more money


❌ Those looking for a quick, overnight success without the effort.

❌ Entrepreneurs not committed to the journey and just seeking shortcuts.

❌ Anyone expecting guaranteed results without active participation.

❌ Those unwilling to adapt to new strategies or technologies.

❌ Anyone looking for theoretical knowledge without practical application.

❌ Those who are resistant to feedback and collaborative learning.

❌ Entrepreneurs not willing to invest time and effort in mastering the nuances of e-commerce.

❌ Individuals seeking a “one-size-fits-all” blueprint without understanding the unique needs of their business.



Anna, founder at House of Cart boasts over 8 years of expertise in e-commerce and the Shopify ecosystem. She embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by creating a children’s clothing label right from her kitchen table. For three years, she showcased her brand at markets before transitioning fully online and shifting manufacturing overseas.

From a humble side hustle,
Anna evolved House of Cart into a high six-figure Shopify and Klaviyo agency, now employing a dedicated team of six. With a portfolio that includes collaborations with over 800 female small business entrepreneurs, she has been instrumental in helping them venture online, scale, and realize their business aspirations.

Shopify Design and Development, Small Business Mindset, Email Marketing, Sales and Social Media Marketing, Automations, Systems and Operations, Team Management, and Leadership.

BONUS: You also get access to House of Cart’s team

🌟Eli - Shopify Guru, Developer & App Specialist

🌟Hazel - Senior Shopify Designer & Developer

🌟Dana - Klaviyo Email Marketing Specialist & Copywriter


Comprehensive E-commerce Mastery

From setting up the foundations of a Shopify store, launching it successfully, to optimising for sustained growth, you’ll navigate the e-commerce landscape with confidence and finesse.

Transformed Mindset & Strategy

Beyond the technical aspects, this program reshapes your entrepreneurial mindset, arming you with the resilience, strategy, and vision to overcome challenges and seize opportunities in the ever-evolving digital marketplace.

Empowered Network & Support

Engage with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and gain continuous support, ensuring you’re never alone in your journey. Plus, with direct access to seasoned experts, receive tailored advice specific to your business needs.

For just $59 per week or a convenient $200 monthly, step into a world where expert knowledge meets absolute flexibility. No lock-in contracts, just continuous, reliable access to my expertise. Have my seasoned guidance at your fingertips, ready to illuminate your path and empower your decisions, let's do this!


Join The Merchant Matrix now before we close admissions!

To ensure a high-caliber experience and personalised coaching for every member, we’ve capped the number of admissions in this early phase.

Our mission? To guide and empower entrepreneurs not only to confidently launch their ventures but also to strategically scale their operations to unprecedented levels of success.

Here, success isn’t just a goal…It’s a benchmark. Join now if you’re prepared to dive deep, give it your all, and rise as an e-commerce powerhouse.


Ideally yes, The Merchant Matrix is designed specifically for aspiring merchants who already have a shop concept in mind. Our program provides the framework and support to transform that idea into a fully-functional online store. If you’re passionate about your concept and eager to see it come to life, you’re in the right place. We’ll guide you through every step, from the foundational stages to launching your store.

Your membership in The Merchant Matrix is flexible, operating on a pay-as-you-go basis. You can choose between week-by-week or month-by-month access, with automatic renewal to ensure continuous support and resources. You have the freedom to cancel or change your plan at any time through your member portal, giving you full control over your membership duration.

To extract maximum value, it’s advisable to allocate 2-4 hours weekly. This ensures you tap into our coaching sessions, explore our resources, and initiate action. Remember, the more effort you invest, the quicker your store takes flight! Commitment accelerates results, propelling you closer to your store’s launch and success.

Given our emphasis on quality over quantity, The Merchant Matrix has an admissions limit to ensure personalised attention. We don’t offer spot reservations. Our advice? Leap in when you’re truly ready to transform your business trajectory.

Our program is meticulously architected to drive you toward launching and scaling your Shopify store. All we ask? Your presence and dedication. We equip you with the right knowledge for success, but your determination and effort remain crucial. Given these parameters, The Merchant Matrix doesn’t offer refund for this program.