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App Integration - Advanced Service

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At House of Cart, we provide a comprehensive service that combines a detailed discovery phase with expert app integration. This ensures that your project is meticulously planned and executed to meet your specific business needs. 


Discovery Phase: 

  • Initial Consultation:Our team works closely with you to understand your business goals and the solutions needed for the integration. Client briefing to be provided via email plus an optional 1 x 30-minute Zoom call.

  • Comprehensive Analysis:We conduct a thorough review of your existing systems and processes to identify potential issues or challenges. A report documenting feedback and suggestions will be provided.   

App Integration: 

  • Installation and Configuration:  We install and configure the app to fit your specific store needs, customising settings and features to align with your brief.

  • Testing and Quality Assurance:We conduct thorough testing to ensure the app functions correctly and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, resolving any issues or bugs.

  • Client Training:  We provide instructions in the form of written guides, screenshots and a Loom video if required to ensure your team is comfortable using the new app and offer documentation and support materials from the app help desk.

  • Final Review and Adjustments:We review the setup with you, making any necessary adjustments based on feedback to confirm that all features are working as expected and meet your requirements. Includes: Initial review + 2 rounds of changes and a finalisation review via email or Zoom to close the project. 

  • Go Live:  We guide you once the app is ready to launch, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations, and monitor the integration during the initial phase to address any immediate concerns.  

  • Ongoing Support:We provide post-launch support to ensure smooth operation and address any additional needs or issues that arise. Monitoring and support will be provided for a maximum of 3 days after the app is live.  

Risk-Free Commitment:If you choose not to proceed with the integration after the discovery phase, we will refund 75% of the service fee. 


The service fee covers both the discovery and implementation phases. 


Disclaimer: Not included/limitations: 

  • Integrate the app with another 3rd party app
  • Any features or customizations outside the app's capabilities or default settings are not included in this package 

Scope of Service:

Discovery Phase:

  • Initial Consultation: Understanding business goals and integration solutions.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: Review of existing systems and processes.

App Integration:

  • Installation and Configuration: Tailored app setup.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance: Ensuring seamless functionality.
  • Client Training: Guides and support materials.
  • Final Review and Adjustments: Review and make necessary adjustments. Please note: After the final changes are completed and the job is closed any other changes will be charged accordingly. We will close jobs due to inactivity on the client's part after 14 days unless prior notice is given.  
  • Go Live: Support client with launch and initial monitoring.
  • Ongoing Support: Post-launch support for 3 days. Please note: This excludes weekends or holidays unless the issues are sales-impacting (customers cannot checkout or inaccurate product costs/order totals)

Risk-Free Commitment:

  • If the client chooses not to proceed with the integration after the discovery phase, 75% of the service fee will be refunded.
  • Once the App integration has commenced no refund can be requested or issued.


  • The following are not included in the service:
  • Integration with another third-party app.
  • Features or customizations outside the app's default capabilities.

Issue Resolution:

  • Setup Issues: Resolved only if House of Cart has access and control.
  • App Bugs or Limitations: Issues inherent to the app or limitations with Shopify are out of scope.
  • Known Issues: Confirmed with app developers and addressed if possible. Otherwise, clients are referred to app developers.
  • Unknown Issues: All information provided to app developers, and clients are referred to them for further assistance. House of Cart will cease support at this point.

By purchasing this service, you agree to these terms as listed.

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