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App Setup and Installation - Advanced - Multi Vendor Marketplace

Apps for your Shopify store (price for 1 app installation) 

Detailed and priced as per brief from Client. - 

Please note this is for the app integration and setup + 3 vendors only to test and finalise - Client to add all vendors from there. Vendors can also likely assist to set them selves up. Or a VA could do this.

Vendor Management  - Yes

  • Vendors have their own user/login details and can manage their own store, products, & inventory, SKUs - Yes Included in setup fee
  • Vendors can communicate directly with customers  - This requires another app integration - NOT Included - For this, you can check out one of the featured apps for the Multivendor marketplace called "Seller Buyer Chat"- - Please note there will be another App install fee from HOC and a monthly fee for the chat - 

Vendor profiles on the website - Yes Included in setup fee

  • Ability for each Vendor/designer to customise their own "storefront" on the website eg see here an example -

    • Banner image and logo
    • "About us" blurb
    • "Chat with me" form (for the customer to ask the designer directly a question) - Part of the above additional app install fee
    • Delivery details 
    • Returns details
    • "Best sellers" feed - if possible

Admin - Yes Included in setup fee

  • The ability for me as the master user to manage/edit other vendor profiles on their behalf (if possible) 
  • Ability to track and view all sales & shipments 
  • Complete visibility over all vendor activities i.e. orders, messages sent by vendors to customers, vendor sales, pricing information etc
  • Ability to export as CSV all Vendors & Product details 

Payments - Yes included in set up fee

  • Ability to split payments at the point of sale - e.g. the She Her platform takes between a 20-30% commission from each sale and the rest is sent to the Vendor. I'd prefer this to occur at the point of sale if possible 

In the case of POS also the payment split works just like the Online store but here the automatic payments to the seller will not take place, they will be added to Seller's Total earnings from there the Admin can pay the seller

For more information related to the Payments flow, visit- 

  • Payment methods - Credit card, Pay Pal (ability to add Afterpay later down the track) 

By default, Admin receives the complete amount of the order paid by the buyer/customer and then Admin transfers it to the seller after deducting his/her commission. Admin can pay the sellers manually by 5 methods ( 3 online and 2 offline )

Offline - Bank wire transfers and internet banking

Online - Paypal, pay fast, and razorpayx.

There are also 2 methods through which the Admin can set up auto payments to the sellers -

  • Stripe Connect payment gateway: This is an add-on to the marketplace.
    After the customer pays the amount for the order, the amount will go to the respective Seller and Admin account directly as per the share configured on the basis of commission.
    Both admin & seller needs to have their respective Stripe accounts.

For more details check this link-

  • PayPal Payout: This is an inbuilt feature in the marketplace app.
    This feature lets your sellers automatically receive their total earnings once they mark the order as delivered/fulfilled.

For more details, check this link-

For more details regarding the payments setup and flow, kindly visit this link- 

  •  Ability to add/remove an extra tax line item at the Vendor/Product level - ie GST, export tax etc

The app has the option to manage if you want to add taxes at product level or not. 

  • NB. I currently use Stripe so need to check what Shopify's pricing is on each sale

Shipping - Yes included in setup

  • Return and refund management  

In the app, the merchant will manage all the returns and refunds outside the app i.e. from the Shopify End but can create a record in the app with the RMA Feature

  • Ability to track shipping status i.e. pending/shipped

Admin can track and view all the sales and order fulfillment details 

  • Ability for vendors to set their own shipping prices and terms 

By default, the shipping rates are set by the admin on his/her Shopify store which is shown to the customers on the checkout page and the admin can set for seller products also. But if you want your sellers to add their own shipping rates of their products then we have a featured app named Shipping.

In the Multi-vendor Marketplace app, Shipping is set in three ways: Country-wise Shipping, Zone wise Shipping & Postcode wise shipping.

To know more about shipping, visit- 

  • Email notifications for shipping status - I assume I can use an app/ plugin for this?

The app has email notifications for all the events