Flexible Klaviyo Pack

Flexible Klaviyo Pack

Regular price$1,900.00

This service includes a range of email marketing tools to help businesses improve customer communication and drive sales. The package includes several automated email flows, a signup form, and set-up strategies to help businesses create effective marketing emails. It also includes optional training and support options. The package is designed to be comprehensive and flexible, allowing businesses to tailor it to their specific needs.


  • Audit (if migrating from a different email marketing tool)
  • 1x welcome flow (email)
  • 1x abandoned cart flow
  • 1x thank you email
  • 1x browse abandon
  • 1x product review
  • Signup Form (Popup & embed)
  • Questionnaire or Discovery Call 1x - 30mins (Optional)
  • Creatives (Graphics, Copy) on all flows
  • Automations (Strategy + Setup)

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