5 Common Email Marketing Pitfalls

Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the most preferred and effective means of marketing. Unfortunately, most businesses are doing it wrong...

Read on to discover 5 reasons why your emails may not be performing as well as they should, as well as tips to fix or prevent these common email marketing mistakes.

Not having a plan on when and what to send to their subscribers

Creating campaign ideas is one of the hardest things about email marketing.

To save you some time, we put together an eCommerce holiday calendar with a quick summary of dates and holidays to make 2022 your most profitable year yet!

Get campaign inspirations every month (or even every week!) to build an offer around and never run out of reasons to reach out to your audience all year long!


Non-personalised messaging

The best emails engage the audience. To best engage your audience, it's important to create personalized messages.

Take personalization a step further than just using first names, Eli!

Use Klaviyo's Products Block feature to make personalized recommendations based on products that your customers have browsed while on your site and suggest the current bestsellers.


Email template is not mobile-optimized

Up to 70% of your readers will be reading your email on their mobile device.

This data alone indicates how important it is to design your email messages for mobile viewers.

An email designed to be read on a PC could look downright horrible on a smartphone.

Always consider your audience! Check how your emails render on different devices (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc).


No email automation

Can you imagine sending emails manually to each individual customer or potential customer? We are talking about thousands of emails!

Automated emails allow you to send real-time, one-to-one messages that strengthen customer engagement, retention, loyalty and ultimately, drive sales from potential customers as well as existing ones.


Here are the Basic Automated Emails that EVERY eCommerce Business should have:

🚀 Welcome Series

🚀 Abandoned Cart Reminders

🚀 Browse Abandon Email

🚀 Post-Purchase Series

These automations will save you time and will generate so much money for your business.

Literally, you will be making money while you sleep! Who doesn't want that?


Not sending enough emails/Sending too many emails

It may feel like there’s a magic number you need to send email marketing campaigns.

Too often, business owners would assume they needed “X” amount of emails...

A better approach is to think through what each email is intended to do and plan out the series to correspond with how the audience reacts/does not react. Every email is engineered to bring them one step closer to their critical “AHA!” moment.

Avoiding these 5 common email marketing mistakes will take time and experimentation.

However, addressing them will eventually give you a much better understanding of your company, your target customers, and how to prevent automated email systems from cutting your efforts short.

We hope you enjoyed this issue. If you did, then you’ll definitely want to check out the final part of this series: Website & Design Mistakes To Avoid Making In 2022

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