Black Friday Cyber Monday


In less than a month, you're either about to make the most money you've ever made, or lose the most money you've ever lost...

And it all depends on what you take from our BFCM 2022 strategy series.

  • Are you prepared for when something goes wrong?
  • Will you be able to focus on doing your job and making the next best move?
  • Or will the BFCM bug catch you off guard?

Like it or not, Black Friday Cyber Monday will be here before you know it. This year, competition will be tougher and customer expectations will be even higher.

In order to navigate your way through the busy period successfully, you'll need to start planning and preparing earlier. 

Following the resources we've provided the past couple of weeks will help you do exactly that, as well as ensure you maximise the opportunity and end 2022 strong.

At HOC, we will work as an extension of your team to help you tick off each item on your checklist, make sure your emails convert as many sales as possible and support you throughout the holiday season and beyond.

We want to help you WIN at the game of business and life and boosting your campaign for the biggest quarter of the year will help you get there.

Whether you take us up on our offer or not…

Do know that we truly wish you the best BFCM season and we hope all the resources we've prepared are helpful in providing you with all the pieces you need to build a winning campaign of your own - with half the work.