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What else can we set up or install for you?

We offer “add on solutions” like FB and Insta shopping channel install and set up, Afterpay install, App setups, Training etc. This way you can build your own package to suit your business needs and budget.

Theme Setup & Customizations

Flex Theme Add On


Blog Integration


Custom Pages


Product Tab Functionality - Hard Coded


Existing Website Product Migration


Custom Fonts


Free Shipping Bar


Advanced Navigation


Pre Launch Email List Building Page


Free Gift Functionality


Print Page Functionality - Hard Coded


App Setup & Installation

Afterpay Installation


App Setup and Installation - Basic


Google Analytics & Google Web master tool Setup


Bundle Builder Install & Setup


Instagram Feed App Setup and Installation


App Setup and Installation - Advanced


Wholesale Set Up


App Starter Pack


Things Are Looking Great For Your Build And Set Up!

All good with the add-on services that you need? Let's look how we can help with graphic design to really get your brand and products range visually popping!

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