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Klaviyo — growing more Shopify stores than any other marketing platform.

With Klaviyo and Shopify, you can start sending more personal, better targeted communications in a matter of seconds. Klaviyo will seamlessly collect and store all relevant data about your customers so you can use it to deliver memorable experiences, drive more sales, and create stronger relationships.


📈 Cutting-edge data science
Automatically-generated predictions for lifetime value, churn risk, gender, optimal send time, and out of the box personalized product recommendations.

📩 Full lifecycle engagement

Deliver targeted, branded forms to build your marketing list. Then, engage customers through multiple channels and use predictions to anticipate churn or target high-value customers.

⚙️ Truly personalized automations
Trigger Flows based on dates, events, list membership, or segment membership and use splits, filters, A/B tests and more to target and optimize.

🔗 Richer segmentation
Define segments without limitations. Use any combination of events, profile properties, location, predicted values, and more — over any time range.



Klaviyo Setups

Klaviyo Email Marketing Foundation Set Up - Basic


Klaviyo Email Marketing Foundations Set Up - Premium Money Maker


Migrate to Klaviyo


Training - 1 hour Shopify - Klaviyo


Klaviyo Sign up Form Install


Email Automations

Managed Klaviyo Email Campaigns/Newsletters


Automated Email Set Up - Purchased Individually


Klaviyo Support

Klaviyo Data Review and Audit Report


Klaviyo Growth Support - Basic


Klaviyo Growth Support - Premium


Training - 1 hour Shopify - Klaviyo


Clean Up Unengaged Subscribers - Reduce Monthly Klaviyo Costs


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