13 Free Publicity Ideas That Will Get Your Business Press (pt.2)


In our previous edition, we discussed 6 out of the 13 Free Publicity Ideas That Will Get Your Business Press.

Here's the 2nd part where we reveal the remaining 7 ideas...




Awards go a long way in building credibility for your small business. They also provide free publicity (should you win).

Options include:

  • Best in Biz Awards
  • Best of Small Business Awards
  • National Small Business Week Awards
  • Dream Big Awards

You don’t have to win the award or competition to use it as free publicity. If you’re shortlisted or come as a runner-up, display that proudly on your website to encourage people to buy.



Who loves a freebie? All of us, it seems.

Use contests as part of your publicity strategy. Challenge customers to a task that involves your product, upload the video to social media, and tag your brand. It’ll give you a ton of user-generated content to repost to further publicize your brand for free.



Instead of looking for a sale, try to educate your audience. Showcasing your expertise and subtly guiding someone toward a purchase often works better than the hard sell.



People love talking about themselves. Help them do that through your website, using a quiz as the foundation of your free publicity campaign.



Need a cash investment alongside free publicity? Crowdfunding helps small businesses achieve exactly that. You’ll receive investment from people who support your idea, while generating buzz and brand awareness.

Popular crowdfunding sites include:

  • Kickstarter
  • Indiegogo
  • Fundable
  • Crowdfundr
  • Crowdcube



Research shows brands will invest more in customer loyalty and connection than almost any other strategy this year. Find communities on Facebook Groups, Slack channels, or Reddit forums. Members should share similar interests to your target customers, to which you can subtly pitch your products or services to get free publicity.




Journalists are always looking for new and interesting stories to share. Put your brand at the forefront of that story and get free publicity that reaches your target market.

Start by pinpointing which publications your target customer reads.

That could be:

✔️ Local publications
✔️ Regional sites
✔️ Industry publications

Find the contact information for journalists working at each publication and pitch them a story their readers would find interesting.


1. Run a word-of-mouth or referral program

2. Collect and showcase reviews

3 .Donate products to influencers and creators

4. Partner with other small businesses

5. Write guest posts

6. Start an email newsletter

7. Enter awards or competitions

8. Run a giveaway or competition

9. Guest on podcasts or speak at events

10. Quiz your customers

11. Run a crowdfunding campaign

12. Build a community

13. Pitch stories to journalists


      Paid advertising has its place, and there’s certainly the chance for widespread exposure. But it’s not without its drawbacks — including the fact that it tends to be really expensive. It’s definitely worth checking out all the free options out there before you go for a big spend.

      Whether you plan to use exclusively free tactics, or want to supplement your paid efforts, we hope these ideas help!


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