The Most Asked Email Marketing Questions Of Them All

In our bi-monthly newsletter, we always ask YOU – our dear readers, for topics to discuss and the top 2 most common questions we receive are:

  • How to grow your email list
  • How to create subject lines that get opened

So for this issue, we are going to focus on those…



What most people do when they want to build an email list is to put an opt-in form on their website and hope that people sign up. Unfortunately, this strategy usually doesn’t work very well.

To grow your email list, you need to attract people with a compelling offer or a valuable incentive.

Most ecom brands offer discounts, free shipping, or quiz experiences to attract signups. But it doesn’t have to cost you anything, you can also create digital materials that provide value to your customers for free.

Here are some examples to guide you:


Next, pick your traffic source(s).

What are the different places customers interact with your business?

When you convert new subscribers from your ideal market, pay attention to where they came from. And make sure to treat each channel independently, being mindful about presenting the offer in a way that fits the context of the platform.

If you’re big on Instagram, you can channel your followers into email subscribers. HERE'S HOW

Last, set up email capture forms and popups.

There are many types of pop-ups that are more or less efficient depending on your strategy. In fact, some industries require more aggressive practices than others: it all depends on your marketing personas and price range.


Step 1: Choose a lead gen offer (lead magnet)

Step 2: Select lead source (traffic source)

Step 3: Set up email capture forms




Subject lines should be a teaser that encourages readers to open your email.

There are dozens of ways to write interesting and engaging subject lines. Subject lines that will grab your prospect by the ears and practically plunge their eyes down into the rest of your email, making your open rates and sales skyrocket in the process.



Research shows that 63% of emails are now opened on a mobile device. With so many people reading emails on their mobile devices, brevity is especially important as most screens only display 30-40 characters in a subject line.

To see how your subject line reads on different devices, check out this site: Free Subject Line Previewer.

Use curiosity as much as possible; it’s one of the greatest emotional drivers humans have.


Open this email… You’ll thank us later
The shocking truth about [product/company/object]
You won’t believe what I have for you


Want to see how your subject line fare against other emails? Check out Email Subject Line Tester.

Klaviyo just rolled out a “Subject Line Assistant.”, which is just a fancy way of saying: “an AI tool that writes your subject lines for you.”



  1. You give it the product name and 1-2 sentences description…
  2. The AI spits back 3-5 subject line ideas for you
  3. Don’t like the initial ones you get? You can keep hitting “generate” and it just keeps on churning out SLs like biscuits from a Pillsbury factory.




Writing effective email subject lines is half-science, half-art. The only way to improve is to test, optimize, and repeat what works best for your unique audience.

Pick at least one of these email growth strategies and see how it works. You’ll be amazed at what a big impact it could have on your email marketing and business success!





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